Kindergarten Information

Program Goal

The kindergarteners’ belief that learning is fun, easy, exciting—that they already almost know how—sets kindergarteners apart from older students.  We will expand on this belief and excitement as we immerse them in books and reading.  Students will experience the enjoyment of reading while they learn the foundational strategies and skills that will enable them to read independently. The kindergarten students will engage in word play, listen and respond to children’s literature, and build reading and writing concepts, skills and strategies.  Ultimately, students will be able to employ strategies and skills necessary to begin the formal reading process, and be motivated to use materials for both learning and enjoyment.


Monday- Friday:  8:30- 2:45 (Children must turn 5 by September 1st.  If your child is born during the fall months and turning 5 by November 1. You may then choose to use the Kindergarten as a Kindergarten Readiness/Enrichment program with the understanding that your child will need to repeat Kindergarten the following year unless teacher recommendations and school acceptance allows them to enter first grade the following fall).

Daily Schedule

8:30 Arrival activities

8:50 Morning Meeting

9:30 Shared reading

9:45 Handwriting

9:55-10:25 Outside play

10:30-10:40  Introduction to Centers and Math/Science

10:40-11:25  Academic centers (small group lessons)

11:25  Hand Wash

11:30-11:55 Lunch

12:00-12:45  Specials:  Monday- Computers; Tuesday- Phys. Ed; Wednesday- Music; Thursday- Art; Friday- Library & Movie

12:45 Book and Introduction to Literacy Activity

1:00-1:30 Small Group Literacy

1:30- 2:25 Free Play

2:25 Clean Up

2:30- 2:45  Closing Meeting and Children's Book Choice


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